Professional Sound System Installation

Professional Sound System Installation

We love sound system installations! It is creative work, our clients are so lovely to work with, and it's fun work. Imagine if you can, beautiful music playing from one end of your home or business to the other with no loss in volume. Pleasant music playing in the background has proven to ease tension and help create a calmer more receptive environment for retail sales, restaurants, offices, and the home.

Church Sound System Installation

Commercial Installs

Continuous background music requires high tech equipment that will operate 24 hours a day. We have years of experience in the area of commercial sound, along with years of providing live sound, which has given us a good perspective on professional sound system installation in theater, the workplace, and in your home. Our work can be found in church sound systems, business music systems, schools, homes all over, professional offices and commercial audio installations of all types. Start by contacting us here.

Residential Installs

We specialize in pre-wiring your home before the final construction of your TV room or basement and return to install your surround sound equipment when the room is finished. We are happy to install new home audio equipment or help you select and purchase new home theatre system components. Our motto is “let no wire be seen” and we have come up with some clever ways to run the wire without having to look at it. Give us a call at (720) 482-9445 to start building your home sound system.

Denver Residential Audio System Installation
Commercial Sound System Wiring

Sound System Wiring

Still in the construction phase?
Perfect. This is the best time for us to come in and wire your home or office, making sure all wires are hidden and everything is up to city code. The best time for us to come in is after the electrical wiring has been put in but before the drywall goes up.

Some of our installations include,
Colorado Academy’s Theater, Cafeteria and Gymnasium, First Southern Baptist Church of Westminster and Northglenn, Colorado Foundation For Medical Care, The Knize Clinic for Plastic Surgery, The Fourth Floor Blues Club, and The Firehouse Café just to name a few.
We are more than happy to come out to your place of business or home during construction to provide a free estimate. Get started today by calling (720) 482-9445 or tap or click here to send us a quick message.

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