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I began developing pictures when I was in 7th grade, carrying water up to my bedroom at night to develop film I had shot with an old Brownie camera. Later I worked with the local newspaper, the school paper and yearbook staff where I shot and developed pictures for everything from football games to politics. I was even lucky enough to win a few awards on the local level. I have a good collection of photographs from over the years and from over the world. If you see something you like, download it, or I will be happy to custom matt it for you.

January 31, 2017


Mark Bresher

Mark Bresher

About Me

I’m from the Midwest, Richmond Indiana. Richmond is a great place to grow up and I graduated Richmond High in 74. I learned to take and develop pictures in junior high, and worked as a union film projectionist and stage hand in high school and at Ball State University. My most interesting job in Richmond was with Allied Broadcast Equipment Company. I worked there off and on for years in the shipping department, doing installations and repairing broadcast and studio equipment for sale to radio stations and studio’s throughout the country. Moving west to Denver I spent time with several bands, worked for local sound companies including Davis Audio Visual, Pro Sound Music Center and lastly Listen Up before starting my own company in 1982. During the past 30 years I have worked with some great national artists, television productions and entertainment events. Combine all that with having been the house sound engineer at the Paramount Theater for 16 years, I have worked hundreds of shows, and mixed a broad spectrum of acts. All these years in Denver I have worked sound jobs, shot pictures and produced a children’s educational video series called Adventures In Willoughby. This site combines all three of those projects, I hope you enjoy looking over the photos, order a few videos for the kids and think about me the next time you are looking for sound.

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