Black & White


The ancient ruins of Chaco Canyon in New Mexico are truly unique among Native American Archeological sites. Possibly being one of the most remote of the national parks, you may want to think about camping out at the campground inside the park for the night. The drive in will take hours and will test your cars suspension. Once you get to the canyon there will be little time to waist if you want to see the highlights and get out before midnight. Chaco Canyon is very famous. In addition to having been a center of commerce for hundreds of thousands of people it is the home of a Sacred Mountain you may have seen on TV. It is an amazing example of a yearly clock. Light passes through open spaces in the rocks to reveal the summer and winter solstice as well as the fall and spring equinoxes on a large wall near the top. The mountain is now off limits to visitors but you can explore any of the other ruins at Chaco.


Rock & Roll pictures seem to interest just about everyone. I think music helps recall good times in life and has away of taking your thoughts away for a little mental time out. I should have taken more pictures at work, that is about the last thing on my mind doing sound but I did shoot a few. As you can see, I never got out of the habit of shooting B&W film. In the near future I will dig out more concert photos and post them here…….Stay tuned.


Black and White photography has to be by far more rewarding than color. But I suppose that only applies if you develop it yourself. When I started I shot B&W for years before color. B&W was affordable, color was definitely not. With B&W in the dark room you could truly create a photograph. Today our moment of creation lasts for the few seconds it takes to focus and shoot. Please have a look. Some of these go back a long way.

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