Adventures in Willoughby

Empowering Children With Creativity:
Adventures In Willoughby is an entertaining and educational video series of stories and real life travelogs for kids 2 through 10 years old presented through an imaginary world that touches kids on a personal level. Stories and characters unfold in a world made of models and figures found in hobby and train stores everywhere. Episodes of approximately 4 minutes in length encourage newly reading children to use their imagination as well as drawing their families into the world of model railroading. These fun little stories attempt to bring the family together and share in a mutual hobby.

Adventures in Willoughby Concept

Moms & Dads,
The Willoughby Valley stories are designed for preschool and elementary school children and feature a mix of adventure stories and travelogs to educate children and stimulate creativity.
Created to entertain and educate, Willoughby stories utilizes the “somewhere in the time of your grandparents” setting of a model train diorama to illustrate campfire stories, legends from many cultures and windows through time offered by the town newspaper, theater and the people themselves.

Adventures In Willoughby Town
Mark Bresher Adventures in Willoughby

In The Imagination Of A Child, The Future Is Born

Kids are crazy about trains and it instills on a subconscious level the idea of using creative skills to solve problems. Willoughby stories are exactly as they should be, simple, timeless and not over produced to the point where kids feel disconnected from model railroading, the bridge of mutual involvement. Everything you see in Willoughby can be found at your local train and hobby store. All your favorite people are available painted or unpainted. Most of the buildings are hand made from kits and all trees, bushes, rock cliffs and mountains are found in nature.
There are over 200 residents in Willoughby, all with names and all make their reoccurring appearances giving the kids a familiar cast of characters. Campfire stories are part of the traditions of many cultures. Families and travelers alike gather around in the evening and hare fascinating stories tied to the land and its people.

A Treasure for All

The local print shop in Willoughby is visited by kids asking about book report topics and the feature story of the week. Willoughby episodes like to feature our national parks. They are a treasure and a point of pride for us all. Many kids never see these parks and through these windows of learning we can provide them with the experience of being there.
While it has a train theme, the Willoughby Valley series isn’t associated with “Shinning Times Station”. The goals of the two series differ greatly. While the Willoughby Valley series primarily focuses on education and location exploration, Thomas teaches lessons about life.