Adventures In Willoughby #4

Old Tucson, Cozumel, Meteor Crater & More

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Adventures In Willoughby Video #4

Adventures In Willoughby Video #4

Everything you see in Willoughby videos can be found at your local hobby and train store. Not only is Old Tucson Movie Studios a travelogue full of movie making magic, but it also explains that that same magic for what it is.

  • Actors are performing well-staged stunts. 10:00
  • An underwater adventure awaits you in Snorkeling In Cozumel. Watch an introduction to using a snorkel from a kids view at one of Mexico’s premier diving spots. 9:00
  • 50,000 years ago a meteor only 80 to 100 feet across hit the Earth at 43,000 miles an hour!  Meteor Crater in Arizona will amaze you with its size. 7:00
  • In the story, I Want To Be A Knight In Armor we find our small friend daydreaming again about being a knight in armor.  Join us on a trip to the Colorado Renaissance Festival 3:30

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