Adventures In Willoughby #3

Familiar places and far away places

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Adventures In Willoughby Video #3

Adventures In Willoughby Video #3

Everything you see in Willoughby videos can be found at your local hobby and train store. These are great stories for little children for fun and enjoyment. We have kids travel, and adventure stories galore learn more.

  • In the award-winning video, The Bats Of Carlsbad Caverns New Mexico’s famous caverns come alive with the evening flight of millions of bats. 5:00
  • Take the ride of your life in Hawaii. Helicopter Ride Over Kauai gives you the feeling your there. Fly through remote rainforests and canyons inaccessible any other way. 4:40
  • Kids love dinosaurs. This travelog to Dinosaur National Monument in Utah has both, kids and dinosaurs. 5:00
  • The Great Halloween Train Wreck. My favorite story! Campfire stories, train wrecks, explosions, ghosts and a haunted house. 10:30
  • Learn about one of the ancient Mexican cultures, the Mayans. In the travelog, The Mayan Pyramid Of Chichen Itza. 4:30

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