Adventures In Willoughby #1

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Adventures In Willoughby Video #1

Adventures In Willoughby Video #1

Everything you see in Willoughby videos can be found at your local hobby and train store. This video starts with a track level tour of the Willoughby Valley.

  • In Riding the Rails kids are drawn into the story with close up video cameras mounted on the train. 5:30
  • This travelog to The Grand Canyon explains erosion and how the Grand Canyon was formed over millions of years. 3:50
  • In The Message Jack the Hobo is telling tall tales around a campfire of close encounters of the third kind. 3:30
  • Where did the Anasazi Indians go? When these people departed they left their villages and possessions. The mystery is revealed in the travelog of Mesa Verde. 5:00
  • The story of The Bear tells of playing too far from home and the possible side effects. 3:50
  • A travelog the whole family should watch, Mount Rushmore. This is one of our most amazing national monuments. 3:50
  • Willoughby’s first music video. The Balloon Ride is fast paced aerial tour of the Willoughby Valley. The best way to see the valley. 3:30

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